Find a mexican partner (1)

Ackerman Pharma advantage:

Leverage Ackerman Pharma´s Establishment License and a team of experts to expedite ideal market strategy and market entry. 


(1) Mandatory Mexican Norm, RIS, Fraction III, Art. 170

Use Ackerman establishment license
as a mexican pharmaceutical company


Ackerman Pharma advantage:

Ackerman Pharma will take care of all your hosting needs.
You can later use this license to perform Pharmacovigilance to Technovigilance.


(1) Mandatory Mexican Norm, RIS, Art. 168

Ackerman  Pharma will sign documents on your behalf with COFEPRIS


Ackerman Pharma advantage:

You do to have to pay an outside attorney (1) and/or full-time chemist (2) to sign on your behalf.


(1) Mandatory Mexican Norm, RIS, Fraction III, Art. 179
(2) Mandatory Mexican Norms RIS, Art. 16 and 154


Ackerman staff will perform necessary steps to obtain marketing authorizations (MAs)


Ackerman Pharma advantage:

Ackerman receives all correspondence and communication from COFEPRIS. 

Ackerman has full complement of specialist in Regulatory Affairs (RA).

All documents can be scanned within 24 hrs.

COFEPRIS meetings can be attended by our experts.


(1) Mandatory Mexican Norm, RIS, Fraction III, Art. 170
(2) Mandatory Mexican Norms RIS, Art. 16 and 153



Ackerman imports bulk or finished product

Ackerman Pharma advantage:

Ackerman can be in charge of importation as required (1) and/or import logistics.

Ackerman will coordinate the Finished Product (FP) release testing (2).

(1) Mandatory Mexican Norm, LGS. Chapter XIII RIS, Chapter IV
(2) Mandatory Mexican Norms, LGS. Art. 212


Use of Ackerman warehouse to store and deliver products


Ackerman Pharma advantage:

Our warehouse complies with Mexican Good Distribution Practices (GDPs) (1).

First five days´storage free of charge.

Secondary packaging available immediately (2).

Ackerman team will coordinate delivery of finished product (3).


(1) Mandatory Mexican Norm, LGS. Art. 258
(2) RIS, Art. 18-27

(3) Ensuring the goods are delivered and traceable


The client is the owner of the registration


Ackerman Pharma advantage:

Your Intellectual Property (IP) and Formula will be protected by a written contract. 


(1) Mandatory Mexican Norm, RIS, Fraction III. Art. 170
(2) Mandatory Mexican Norms, RIS, Art. 16 and 153


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